Who is PAFC?

As an organization, our purpose is to:

  • to foster a network of Filipino Americans in the Washington D.C Metropolitan Area

  • connect Filipino American individuals, families, and organizations with resources, opportunities, and supports

  • celebrate and provide education around the rich contributions and continued impact of Filipino Americans in the Washington D.C Metropolitan area

Who is the Philippine American Foundation for Charities, Inc?


The Philippine American Foundation for Charities, Inc (PAFC) is dedicated to promoting the welfare and well being of Filipino Americans in the Washington D.C, Maryland, and Virginia area. Our mission is to connect fellow kababayan with the resources and supports which empower their ability to grow, develop, and reach their full potential as individuals, families, and organizations.


PAFC was initially known as the Philippine Independence Day Committee and was composed of members of Filipino-American associations in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia who organized the Philippine Independence Day programs. Since 1996, PAFC has grown and expanded many programs, including granting awards to deserving organizations, contributing to disaster relief, staging the Philippine Festival, and coordinating programs for youth and senior citizens.

We are proud to have remained a stronghold in the community over the past 23 years. Moving forward, we will continue to harness the power of the community to develop stronger ties, listen to one another, and collectively address the new challenges impacting our livelihood. 

PAFC is a 501 (c) non-profit and nonpartisan organization. The financial support for our programs and events rely solely on donations and annual fundraising events.

We believe in "kapwa", or a culture of warmth and belonging, where everyone is welcome, and where collaboration is encouraged to foster unity and connectedness within and with the Filipino American community.

Our Mission


PAFC’s mission is to champion the spirit of bayanihan (“community building”) for Filipino Americans in the Washington D.C metropolitan area by collaborating with other organizations, providing resources to strengthen their capacity as leaders and community stakeholders, empowering their voices, and advocating on behalf of their interests.


Our Vision


The improved health and well-being of Filipino Americans in the Washington D.C metro area.  

A diaspora of immigrants knowledgeable of their Filipino and Filipino American history

A community embodying true "kapwa" power


We need your support today!
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