TNT Talk Series: The Legacy & Future of DC Filipino Festivals

On July 14, PAFC advisor, Jon Melegrito, presented an oral history on the legacy of Filipino Festivals in DC, the Philippine Independence Day Committee (PIDC) and how it has transformed over time. Participants of the event were joined by several founders of PIDC, including Elvi Bangit, Maurese Oyteza-Owens, and Mitzi Pickard.

Pictures in this album represent the pictures shown in Tito Jon's presentation.

After the presentation, participants discussed the role of community in staging festivals like the Filipino Food Festival and the 2020 Filipino American Expo.

It was a great honor and pleasure to start the conversation, revisiting historic moments in community building and sharing stories about the incredible possibilities when we have the will to find ways of working together. Let's have more dialogue. - Jon Melegrito

Slide handout can be found here:

About the PAFC TNT Talks

PAFC conducts monthly, "TNT" talks every 2nd Sunday to promote information sharing and tayo tayo (together) time with the great DMV Filipino American community. The term TNT, is a term in Tagalog meaning "hiding and hiding" to describe individuals who are undocumented. In this case, we use TNT to describe topics we may choose to hide or shy away from because of our lack of skill or knowledge around the topic.

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